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    • The CONFAST® Machine Screws Anchor comes in eight different diameters to meet most masonry fastening applications.

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      CONFAST® Machine Screw Anchor Product Information

      • For use in concrete, brick or block
      • Outdoor moist environments
      • Anchor diameter is equal to inside bolt diameter
      • Minimum embedment is the anchor length
      • Outside anchor diameter equals hole diameter
      • Made from rust resistant materials
      • Pull-out values provided
      • Not to be used in vibratory loading applications
      • Do not use in overhead applications
      • Minimum spacing of 10 anchor diameters; the anchor diameter is equal to the outside or hole diameter of the CONFAST® Machine Screw Anchor

      Set Tool

      A setting tool must be purchased separately for the diameter of CONFAST® Machine Screw Anchor being installed. Setting tools are made from steel, and can be used on numerous anchors.

      Product List

      Conduct a search for the CONFAST® Machine Screws Anchor by using the product list. The list is displayed from smallest diameter to largest diameter. Click on the link for further information about the selected anchor, such as:

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      • Alternative products
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      • Tech Info
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