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  • Additional Information
    • The CONFAST® Drop-In Anchor is for use in solid concrete only. They should never be installed in other masonry base materials such as cinder block or brick.

      • Every size and type is fully stocked for immediate shipment
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      • National Coarse Threaded
      • Setting tool required and must be purchased separately
      • Fully assembled and ready to install

      There are four types of CONFAST® Drop-In Anchor

      • Zinc Plated - dry indoor environments
      • 304 Stainless Steel - outdoor wet environments
      • 316 Stainless Steel - submerged chemical environments
      • Coil Threads - for use with coil threaded rod, routinely used in bridge forming applications

      Product Information - CONFAST® Drop-In Anchor

      • Available in five diameters
      • Does not come in 5/16", 7/8" or 1" diameters
      • One length per diameter
        • The length of the anchor is equal to the minimum embedment for that diameter of CONFAST® Drop-In Anchor
      • Must be set using a setting tool. The setting tool is sold separately; each diameter requires a specific setting tool.
      • Threads are internal and National Coarse
      • Thread length is about equal to half of the length
      • Bit diameter is equal to the outside diameter

      Technical Information

      • Includes information about minimum edge distance, spacing, holding values in 2000 PSI concrete as well as maximum torque values and bit sizes for the CONFAST®

      Drop-In Anchor

      • Chart displays item number, box quantities and thread length


      View an installation video to learn how to effectively set the CONFAST® Drop-In Anchor in concrete.

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