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410 Stainless Steel Tapcons Concrete Screws

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The 410 stainless steel Tapcon® masonry concrete anchors are most recognized brand stainless steel masonry concrete screw anchor available today. The ultimate in temperature resistance, corrosion, stain and rust, the 410 stainless steel Tapcon® is ideal for projects in harsh environmental conditions. Choosing the Tapcon® stainless steel masonry concrete anchors ensures the highest quality, superior holding strength and ease of installation. The 410 stainless steel Tapcon® masonry concrete anchor installations include marine construction, railings screened porches, pool enclosures, coastal construction, water and utilities, sanitation and wastewater. Special threads are the difference. The patented Advance Technology Hi-Lo twin-thread design creates a mechanical linking by tapping threads into the masonry base material. The high threads cut the threads and are notched to allow masonry dust to be removed. The low threads provide positive stability when the 410 stainless steel Tapcon® masonry concrete anchors is being installed in the base material.

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