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Tapcon® brand


The design of the Tapcon® concrete masonry screw anchors allows for anchoring into concrete, brick and block. This product is a self-tapping screw that taps threads into a predrilled hole in masonry materials. The patented Advanced Threadform Technology™ lowers installation torque to reduce head snapping, provide higher holding power and deliver the unparalleled performance that professionals expect. The Tapcon® concrete masonry screw anchors are uniquely engineered to provide easy installation and consistently high holding values in most masonry materials. Installation near the edge of concrete is possible because the Tapcon® concrete masonry screw anchors do not create an outward pressure from expansion.


The Tapcon® brand of masonry fasteners are divided into five categories. These categories include the standard blue Tapcon®, the 410 stainless steel Tapcon®, the Large Diameter Tapcon, the special bits used in the installation tool kit and the tool kit.


Into what environment will the Tapcon® screws be installed?

  • For indoor dry applications where there is no moisture present. the standard blue Climaseal™ coated Tapcon® should be sufficient.
  • For wet, moist applications, the 410 stainless steel should be considered. 410 stainless steel Tapcon® provide the best rust resistant material for self-tapping masonry screws. The Tapcon® is not made from higher quality, more rust resistant stainless steel because the threads would be unable to harden to the correct hardness to tap masonry.


Tapcon® Bits

  • Tapcon® bits are the bits that come packaged with each box of 100 screws, and are also the bits that sold separately. These bits have a flattened end that goes into the installation tool kit to allow a set screw to be used to hold them in place.
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