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Outdoor Accents® Structural Wood Screw

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Introducing the Outdoor Accents Structural Wood Screw: Enhance Efficiency and Style

Say goodbye to time-consuming predrilling with the Outdoor Accents structural wood screw. Its effortless driving capability reduces installation time significantly. Pair it with the patented, load-rated Outdoor Accents hex-head washer for a decorative bolt connection appearance, minus the hassle of traditional methods.

Available in three sizes—2", 3 1⁄2", and 5 1⁄2"—the structural wood screw offers versatility to suit various applications. The bold thread design of the 3 1⁄2" and 5 1⁄2" screws ensures superior holding, perfect for securing ledgers and other critical connections. Meanwhile, the new 2" screw is tailored for 2x lumber and adds a touch of style to any DIY project.

It's essential to note that while the 2" screw offers versatility, it comes with lower load values compared to its longer counterparts. Therefore, it's crucial not to substitute it where longer screws are required for optimal performance and safety.

  • Achieve an appealing aesthetic by pairing with Outdoor Accents decorative hardware and STN22 hex-head washer
  • Utilize the Outdoor Accents structural wood screw independently for wood-to-wood fastening
  • Easy and secure driving facilitated by the deep 6-lobe T40 recess (T40 drive bit included in multi-count packages)
  • Enjoy fast starts, reduced installation torque, and elimination of predrilling in most applications with the patented SawTooth® point (exclusive to 3 1⁄2" and 5 1⁄2" screws); the 2" screw features a Type-17 point for similar performance
  • Premium appearance and medium corrosion protection for outdoor applications provided by the black double-barrier coating

Discover the Outdoor Accents collection, where functionality meets beauty in crafting custom outdoor living spaces that display charm and structural integrity. From post bases to angles, T and L straps to gable plates, and gazebo ties to joist hangers, this comprehensive line offers a range of connectors and fasteners tailored to enhance both aesthetics and strength in outdoor construction projects.