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Anchor Bolt
concrete fasteners that are placed in the concrete prior to the concrete being poured; also called cast-in-place anchors, L- anchors or J-bolts; usually shaped like an L or a J with threads on the end opposite of the bend
Anchor Spacing
space between two expansion anchors measured from centerline to centerline
American National Standards Institute, oversees the creation, promulgation and use of norms and guidelines
ANSI Standards
standards developed in the concrete fastener industry to ensure match tolerance between hole size and carbide bit diameters
refers to the specific job or item being fastened down

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Base Material
refers to the material that masonry fasteners are installed into; includes concrete, brick or block
Blue Screw
generic name for the masonry screw; the color of the original Tapcon brand concrete screw because it is coated in a blue rust-resistant coating

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Cement Screw
screw designed for use in cement; taps threads into a predrilled hole; can be purchased in smaller diameters of 3/16" and 1/4" or large diameters of 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4"; two head styles of the hex washer head and the flat countersunk Phillips
Concrete Anchor
designed to be used to attach an item to concrete; also a fastener used to attach items to other masonry materials, such as brick or block
Concrete Failure
triangular or cone-shaped concrete failure; point of deepest embedment to the surface at about a 35-degree angle
Concrete Screw
specially designed to tap threads into a predrilled hole in masonry; hole in the base material must be smaller than the designated diameter of the concrete screw being installed
Critical Edge Distance
distance an expansion anchor must be placed from an unsupported edge of concrete to meet maximum holding values
Critical Spacing
distance expansion anchor must be spaced from each other to reach maximum holding values

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Designated Diameter
diameter of the specific anchor; for example, a drop-in anchor called a 3/8" drop-in anchor has the designated diameter of 3/8"
Displacement Controlled Expansion Anchor
require the use of nail that, once inserted into the anchor body, expands the anchor
Double Expansion Anchor
double expansion anchor made up of five parts: a cone-shaped expander nut, a hollow cone, outer body and two spring bands; spring bands hold all the anchor parts together into one preassembled single piece and are made from zinc-plated steel; hollow cone and cone nut are the same except that the cone nut has internal threads and are made from Zamac material; outer body is tubular and made from die-cast zinc alloy Zamac
Drop-In Anchor
created from two pieces tubular steel shield and a cone-shaped expander plug; the shield is threaded for one-half the length of the interior portion of the anchor and the other half is slotted; slotted portion is where the case hardened cone-shaped expander plug is positioned

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Edge Distance
the distance from centerline to centerline of an anchor from an unsupported edge of the base material
Expansion Anchor
derives its holding values by expanding upon installation into a predrilled hole in masonry materials

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the item that being installed to the base material; can range from a sign, electrical junction box, wreath to a light

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Item Being Fastened
item that is being fastened to the masonry material; ranging from a 2x4, a railing to a piece of machinery

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Kwik Bolt
Hilti, Inc. brand name for their wedge anchor; has evolved from the Kwik-Bolt, Kwik-Bolt 2, Kwik-Bolt 3 and the Kwik-Bolt TZ Power Bolts
Kwik- Con
Hilti, Inc. brand name for their concrete screw that taps threads into masonry materials

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Lag Shield Anchor
comes in two lengths: short and long; made up of two parts that are preassembled; the interior part of the anchor is threaded to accept lag screw threads and the outer part is ribbed from the bottom of the anchor to three-quarters up the length of the anchor body; made from a Zamac material that is rust resistant
Large Diameter Tapcon
abbreviated AS LDT; is ITW Red Head’s larger diameter self-tapping masonry screw; available in diameters of 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4"
The Lok-Bolt™
brand name for Powers Fasteners, Inc. sleeve anchor; made with four parts; comes completely assembled and ready to install; is available in both the zinc plated carbon steel and stainless steel; can be used in concrete, stone, brick or block base materials
Lok-Bolt AS®
sleeve anchor sold by Powers Fasteners, Inc.; preassembled with the anchor body, sleeve, nut and washer; designed for use in solid concrete or other masonry base materials such as brick or block; variety of head styles: round , anchor and flat for special applications

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Machine Screw Anchor
machine screw anchors made up of two parts: the internal threaded cone and the outer sleeve; outer sleeve is made from a rust-resistant material called Zamac; internally threaded cone is made from zinc plated low carbon steel
Masonry Screw
screw that is designed to tap threads into a predrilled hole in masonry base materials, such as concrete, brick or block
Metal Hit Anchor
metal hit anchor or hammer drive anchor is a die-cast anchor consisting of a cylindrical zinc alloy body and zinc plated steel pin expander; body is split for a major portion at the opposite end the pin expander is inserted; anchor body is hollow for the entire length to allow space for the pin expander; pin expander is made from heat treated, high carbon steel that is zinc plated
Minimum Edge Distance
minimum distance for not spalling the concrete when anchor is expanded
Minimum Embedment
the minimum distance an anchor should be placed in the base material to achieve holding values
Minimum Spacing
minimum distance from centerline to centerline for the anchor expansion forces not to overlap; rule of thumb is 10 anchor diameters

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Necked In
refers to the shape of the working end of wedge anchor that allows the expansion clip to expand'

neckdown image

Necked Out
shape used at the working end of the sleeve anchor to expand the sleeve against the walls of the base material

neckup image

Nylon Nail-Its
body of a nylon nail-it made from a polyamide resin thermoplastic mold injected material; steel pin expander is a low carbon zinc plated steel; body is hollow with one end split and the other end with either a mushroom head, round head or flat head; steel pin expander has threads on the pointed end and the head is slotted to accept a screwdriver

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Power Stud®
brand name for the wedge anchor sold by Powers Fasteners, Inc.; can be purchased in a zinc coated or galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel; used in solid concrete only; the hole diameter is equal to the diameter of the anchor diameter
Power-Stud+ SD1
Powers Fasteners’ brand name for their wedge anchor; code listings of ICC-ES ESR 2818 and ICC-ES ESR 2966 for cracked and uncracked concrete, category 1
Power-Stud+ SD2
wedge anchor sold by Powers Fasteners, Inc.; code listed in category 1 for cracked & uncracked concrete ICC-ES ESR 2502; anchor body is manufactured from carbon steel that is zinc plated with the expansion clip manufactured from stainless steel; designed for use in solid concrete; packaged with the proper number and size of nuts and washers
Power Bolt®
Powers Fasteners, Inc. brand name for their heavy-duty sleeve style anchor that is removable and resists vibration; can be used in a variety of masonry base material applications ,such as concrete, brick, stone, and block; can be purchased with a finished hex head or a flat head
has a finished hex head; is Powers Fasteners, Inc. brand name for their heavy duty sleeve-type anchor; designed for use in solid concrete; provides consistent holding values in uncracked as well as cracked concrete

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company owned by ITW, Inc, that manufactures and sells powder actuated tools and gas automatic fastening systems
was the name of a company and a brand name anchor that sold in the United States; currently the Rawlplug Company sells in Europe; the United States part of the company was sold to a company called Powers Fasteners in New Rochelle NY.

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two piece anchor, comprised of a threaded anchor body and an expansion plug; installation requires the bottom of the hole; manufactured only in zinc plated carbon steel; can be installed in stone, concrete and other solid masonry base materials
bit designed for larger hammer drills with a shank about the size of a thumb, or 3/4"; grooves and slots in the shank ensure positive rotation and wide range of hammering motion while chucked into the drill; range in diameter from 3/8" to 2" for a solid bit.
SDS Carbide Bit
designed for use in a keyless chucked hammer drill that accepts SDS bits; has grooves and slots in the shank that when chucked into the drill helps with the hammering and rotation movements; diameter of the shank is about the size of a small finger, or about 3/8"; bits range in size from 5/32" in diameter to 1-1/8"
Single Expansion Anchor
single expansion anchor made up of three pieces that are preassembled; anchor body is made from Zamac, a die-cast zinc alloy; the internal lugs are a cone shaped nut; spring band made from low carbon steel and zinc plated holds the anchor body and internal lugs together
Sleeve Anchors
sleeve anchor made up of four parts: nut, washer, threaded stud and sleeve; threaded stud is flared to a cone shape at one end and the rest of the stud is threaded; sleeve is a tubular piece of steel that fits over the stud and expands when the stud is pulled up through it; sleeve anchors come fully assembled and ready to use
Spline Bit
carbide tipped bit that meets ANSI standards; designed to be directly connected into a hammer drill that accepts spline drive bits
Split Drive Anchors
split drive anchor is all steel; one-piece available in two head style, flat countersunk and round. Split drive anchors are made from heat-treated carbon steel and are through hardened. At the opposite end of the head, the anchor is sheared into two pre-expanded halves.
Straight Shank
designed for use in a chuck that requires a chuck key; also called hammer bit; has a carbide tip; prior to drilling holes in masonry for masonry anchor check it is necessary to check that the bit meets ANSI standards
Strike Anchor
displacement controlled expansion anchor; body is steel with a hole down the interior length of the anchor; hole is smaller in diameter at the opposite end of the threads where the slots are; one end of the anchor is threaded for a portion of the length and the opposite end has four equally spaced slots; hardened nail is inserted into the interior hole in the anchor and is used to expand the slotted end of the anchor
Stud Anchor
generic term for a wedge anchor; refers to the body of the anchor or "stud" that sticks up out of the base material
MKT or Gunnebo’s brand name for their wedge anchor; available in a grade 2 as well as a grade 5 steel
Stainless Steel Anchor
fastener used for attaching an item to concrete, brick or block that is manufactured from stainless steel; some anchors are not available made from stainless steel and others can be made from 303, 304 or 316 stainless steel; type of stainless steel chosen depends on the corrosiveness of the atmosphere it is installed

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misspelling of the brand name for the original masonry screw called Tapcon
masonry screw fastener sold by Powers Fasteners, Inc.; designed for applications of light to medium duty; packaged with the proper diameter drill bit and sold with either a flat countersunk Phillips or a hex washer head; coated with a special rust-resistant coating called Perma-Seal™
self-tapping screw fastener designed for use in concrete, block, brick and wood; manufactured by Powers Fasteners, Inc.; available in Perma-Seal coating, stainless steel; two head styles of flat countersunk and hex washer head
Thread Length
length of the threaded portion of the anchor measured
brand name for the sleeve anchor sold by Marksmen Manufacturing and sold by Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc.
Simpson Strong-Tie’s brand name for their masonry fasteners that taps threads into concrete, brick and block
Titan HD
Simpson Strong-Tie’s brand name for their large diameter self-tapping masonry fastener
brand name for ITW Red Head’s wedge anchor; available in carbon steel, stainless and galvanized with limited size and diameters

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Unsupported Edge
where the concrete ends, the sides of a slab of concrete or column of concrete

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Simpson Strong-Tie’s brand name for their wedge anchor
Wedge Anchor
made up of a steel rod that is threaded on one end and the other end has the diameter necked down for a short distance that tapers outwardly to the full diameter of the rod; a clip is permanently preassembled in this space
one-piece, hex headed, large diameter masonry screw manufactured and sold by Powers Fasteners, Inc.; designed to be easily removed; can be used in vibratory applications
heavy duty screw anchor sold by Powers Fasteners, Inc; manufactured as one piece with a hex washer head code listed for cracked and uncracked concrete ICC-ES ESR 256 and ICC-ES ESR 1678