How to Install Split Drive Anchors

How to Install a Split Drive Anchor

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Installation Instructions for the Split Drive Anchor

Split drive anchors can be used in solid concrete applications, and are best suited for light duty fastening purposes. They are available in 1/4” diameter with either a flat, countersunk or a round head. Manufactured with high strength, heat-treated carbon steel, these anchors offer superior rust resistance. Installation can be accomplished by following three easy steps:

Installation Steps:

Drill hole using carbide bit same size as anchor diameter at least 1/4 ” deeper than expected embedment.Drive anchor through item to be fastened using a hammer.
  1. Drill a hole in the base material with a hammer drill and a correctly sized carbide drill bit for the diameter anchor you are using. The diameter of the anchor is equal to the hole diameter.
  2. Clean out the hole of all debris.
  3. Insert the anchor into the hole through the item being fastened, then strike with a hammer to set.