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Nylon Nail-It FAQ


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What is a nylon nail-It?

Nylon nail-its are light duty, drive type expansion anchors. They come preassembled and are ready to be installed. Once the nail is set in the anchor body, it is tamper resistant.

When should I use one?

These can be used for light duty fastening in many materials, including concrete, block, and brick.

What materials are used to make these anchors?

The body is made of a rust resistant material called polyamide nylon. The nail is available in either zinc plated carbon steel or aluminum.

Is this nail-it available with a stainless steel nail?

No, it does not come with a stainless steel nail.

What styles are available?

These are available in three head styles: flat countersunk, round, and mushroom.

What sizes of nylon nail-its are available?

It is available in two different diameters: 3/16” and 1/4”. The 3/16” diameter is available in lengths of 3/4”, 1”, and 1-1/2”. The 1/4” diameter is available in lengths of 1”, 1-1/2”, 2”, and 3”.

Why is the body on anchor split?

It is split to allow the anchor body to move apart as the nail is forced down into the anchor body, which creates expansion force against the base material.

How do I install a nylon nail-it?

Installation is simple. Drill a hole, insert the anchor through the item being installed, and set it with a hammer. Once the nail is flush with the head, the anchor is fully expanded and properly set. For step-by-step instructions visit the Tips & Tricks page.

How deep do I drill the hole?

The hole must be at least 1/4” deeper than the expected embedment in the base material.

Do I have to clean the hole out before installation?

Yes. Any concrete dust or debris in the hole may reduce the holding values of the anchor. Cleaning the hole will ensure a better chance for a quality fastening.

Can I insert it through the hole in the fixture and into the hole in the base material?

Yes, it can be installed through the fixture into the concrete, and hole spotting is not necessary. Make sure that the hole in the fixture is slightly larger than the designated diameter of the anchor being installed.

Can these anchors be used in extremely cold environments?

It is not advised to use them in cold environments, as the anchor can become very brittle. This may cause the nylon anchor body to shatter during installation or, even when installed properly, to have reduced holding values.

Can I use them in very wet environments?

The body will not rust. If the nail is zinc plated carbon steel then it will rust, but the aluminum nail and the all-nylon nail will not rust.

Can I install one for an overhead application?

No, they should not be used for overhead installations.

Are these made in the USA?

No, they are made overseas and imported into the United States.