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Powers Fasteners

Order now and receive free freight! Every Power-Stud+® SD1 Wedge Anchor is in stock for immediate shipping.

  • Additional Information
    • The Powers Fasteners Power-Stud+® SD1 wedge expansion anchor for use with strength design is a full thread, torque-controlled, expansion wedge anchor.

      • Designed for cracked and uncracked concrete
      • Suitable base materials:
        • Normal weight concrete
        • Concrete over metal pan deck
        • Sand lightweight structural concrete
      • Packaged complete with expansion clip, nut and washer
      • Consistent performance in high and low strength psi concrete
      • Anchor diameter is the same as the nominal drill bit size
      • Power-Stud+® SD1 can be installed through a fixture hole in place
      • Head of each anchor is stamped with a length ID code
      • Allows for follow-up expansion after setting under tensile loading
      • UNC threads
      • ESR-2818 - International Council, Evaluation Service (ICC-ES)for concrete, Code compliant with 2015 IBC, 2015 IRC, D012IBC, 2012 IRC, 2009 IBC, 2009 IRC, 2006 IBC, 2006 IRC
      • ESR-2966 - (ICC-ES) International Council Evaluation Service for masonry code compliant with the 2012 IBD, 2012 IRC, 2009 IBC, 2009 IRC, 206 IBC, 2006 IRC
      • Tested for use in concrete under design provisions of ACI318 (Strength Design method using Appendix D) in accordance with ACI 355.2/ASTM E 488 and ICC-ES AC 193
      • Tested and evaluated by an accredited independent testing laboratory for cracked and uncracked concrete, including seismic and wind loading for category 1 anchors
      • UL listed Underwriters Laboratories - File # EX1289
      • Tested for use in masonry in accordance with ICC-ES AC01

      Product Information

        • Find the complete inventory of Power-Stud+® SD1 wedge anchors by clicking on the blue "Go to Product List" link
        • Technical Information link contains reference data information: anchor diameter, minimum diameter of hole clearance in fixture, nominal drill bit diameter, minimum nominal embedment depth, minimum hole depth, installation torque, socket size and nut height.
        • Installation instructions for the simple, four step installation of Power-Stud+® SD1 wedge anchors
        • Material Specifications
        • Length Identification Code Chart
        • Ultimate Load Capacities for Power-Stud+® SD1 in Normal-Weight Concrete
        • Allowable Load Capacities for Power-Stud+® SD1 in Normal-Weight Concrete
        • Spacing distance and edge distance tension, adjustment factors for normal-weight concrete
        • Installation specifications in concrete
        • Anchor detail
        • Tension and shear design strengths for Power-Stud+® SD1 in cracked concrete
        • Ordering information

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