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All masonry fasteners require the use of a hammer drill to create the correct hole. A carbide bit is also called for—and it must meet ANSI standards to ensure proper hole tolerance.

ANSI standard bits come in four different formats, based on how they are attached to a hammer drill:

  • Straight Shank
    Smooth shank designed for use in a Jacobs style chuck, the type of chuck that requires a chuck key.
  • SDS, SDS+, SDS Plus
    Acronym for spline drive system
    Used in the small keyless chucks
    Diameter of about 3/8”, about equal in diameter to your small finger
    Used in larger hammer drills with keyless chucks
    Diameter of about 3/4”, about equal to the diameter of your thumb.
  • Spline
    Used in large hammer drills requiring the use of spline drive bits.