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Quick Facts Fasteners Know By Other Names

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Concrete fasteners are called by many different names. Each name refers to the same basic product, but different companies have branded their product differently.

Here is a list of all masonry fasteners listed by their generic name.  Following the generic name are the names of which they are also called.

  • Wedge Anchor

Wedge anchor, stud anchor, kwik-bolt, thunderstud, thunderstuds, wedge anchors, DFS wedge anchor, sup-r-stud, kwik bolt 2 anchor, Hilti kwik bolt, kwik bolt, concrete stud anchor, stud wedge anchor, stud anchor system, power bolt, power stud, trubolt, redi bolt, wedge all, kingpin

  • Sleeve Anchors

Sleeve anchor, sup-r-sleeve, thunderbolt, bolt sleeve anchor, lok bolt, lock bolt, dynabolt, sleeve all, sleeve anchors, concrete anchor, block anchor, masonry anchor

  • Drop-in-Anchor

Drop-in, dropin, female anchor, hdi, Hilti drop-in anchor, concrete drop in anchor, sup-r-drop, HDI anchor, lip drop-in anchor, HDI-L anchor, HDI-P anchor, thunderdrop, multi-set, concrete anchor, mini drop-in, coil thread drop-in

  • Single Expansion Anchor

Single expansion anchor, single expansion shields, keystone single expansion shield, single wedge machine bolt, single, single thunderloc, SMSA, machine screw anchor

  • Double Expansion Anchor

Double expansion anchor, double expansion shield, keystone double, double thunderloc, double, DMSA, machine screw anchor

  • Lag Shield Anchor

Lag shield, lag screw shields, lag screw anchor, sup-r-lags, lag screw expansion anchor, LSES

  • Concrete Screws

Tapcon, concrete screw, self-tapping concrete screw, concrete screws, the original tapcon, con-sert screw, consert screw, confast screw, ruff-nex, kwik-con, tapper, titan, masonry screw, blue screw, cement screw, stainless steel concrete screw

  • Hammer Drive Anchor

Metal hit anchor, zamac anchor, strike anchor, nail anchor, roof anchor, hammer drive anchor, thundernail, hammer drives, zamac hammer drive screw, zamacs, zamac nailin, hammer set, pin bolt

  • Split Drive Anchor

Split anchor, split drive anchor, flat head split anchor, round head split anchor, split bolt anchor, split drive anchors, sup-r-split, spike, drive anchor, CSD, countersunk split drive anchor

  • Strike Anchor

Strike anchor, all American anchor, hit anchor, nail anchor, all anchor, EZA, easy set expansion anchor

  • Leadwood Screw Anchor

Leadwood screw anchor, sup-r-lead, wood screw lead anchors, screw lead, wood screw expansion anchor, LWSA, concrete and masonry anchor

  • Nylon Nail-It

Nylon nail-it, nail-it, strike anchor, mushroom head, nylon nail-it anchor, tap-it, impact anchor, thunder-tap- nylon nail in, plastic tap-it, plastic nail in

  • Machine Screw Anchor

Machine screw anchor, hollow wall anchor, caulkin anchor, ajs, sup-r-caulk, caulkin anchor, caulk-in, calk-in, steel drop-in anchor, hollow set, hollow set drop-in anchor

Red Head – brand name for ITW’s concrete anchor line; includes many masonry fasteners, such as a wedge anchor, sleeve anchor, drop-in anchors; have been manufactured and sold since the early 1900’s

Multi-Set - ITW Red Heads brand name for their drop-in anchor;  comes in a lipped and non-lipped version as well as stainless steel

Dynabolt – brand name for Red Head’s sleeve anchor; comes in an acorn, hex, round or flat head; manufactured from zinc plated carbon steel or stainless steel

Hammer Set – brand name used for the hammer drive anchor sold and manufactured by ITW Red Head

Kwik Bolt – Hilti, Inc. brand name used for their wedge type anchor; name being used today is the Kwik-Bolt 3, designating it as the third generation of kwik bolt design

HDI – stands for Hilti Drop-In; refers to Hilti’s brand name for their drop-in anchor