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Quick Facts Split Drive Anchor

Quick Facts Split Drive Anchor

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Split drive anchor is the simplest expansion anchor manufactured.

  • There are no nuts and washers, nails or bolts that are required for installation.
  • Two head configurations to choose from, round head and flat head countersunk.
  • Available in zinc plated carbon steel.
  • Manufactured in only on the diameter of 1/4”.

Flat-headed split drive anchors can be used when the material being fastened requires a countersunk head.

  • The flat headed split drive is a countersunk head that will sit flush with the surface of the item being fastened.
  • The length of the flat headed split drive anchor is measured as an overall length including the head.

Round head split drive is used in applications where the head is above the surface of the item being fastened.

  • Perfect for fastening items to solid base material that will never have to be removed, such as an electrical junction box or cable straps.

Split drive anchor is a permanent fastener.

  • If the item being fastened will be permanently fastened the split drive anchor is perfect because once installed it cannot be removed.
  • The head and anchor are manufactured without the ability to be removed by any standard method such as a wrench or screwdriver.
  • The only way to remove the item once installed with a split drive anchor is to cut the head of the fastener off, destroy the concrete or destroy the item being fastened.

Tamper resistant, security fastener is one feature of the split drive anchor.

  • Once installed the split drive anchor can not be tampered with or removed.
  • The head is made without any means of removal.

Split drive anchors should only be used in indoor applications.

  • Split drive anchors are a pre-expanded mechanical type masonry fastener and should not be used in outdoor moist environments.
  • Zinc plated fasteners are designed for indoor dry environments and should not be used in applications where moisture is high.
  • Split drive anchors are not made in a stainless steel version.

The length of split drive anchors is measured differently depending on the head style.

  • Flathead countersunk split drive anchors are measured as an overall length including the head. 
  • Round headed split drive anchors are measured from underneath the head.

Minimum depth of embedment is the same for each length of split drive anchor.

  • Each diameter of split drive anchor has a minimum embedment depth of 1-1/8”.  This means that the anchor must be installed so that a minimum of 1-1/8” of the split drive anchor is in the base material, once it is completely installed.
  • The different lengths of split drive anchors available are for different thickness of materials being fastened.  The minimum length of the split drive anchor to use for any particular applications is determined by adding the thickness of the material being fastened to the minimum embedment of 1-1/8”.

Hold diameter is equal to the diameter of the split drive anchor.

  • A 1/4” hole must be drilled in the base material for the split drive to be inserted into.
  • The hole must be drilled using a 1/4” ANSI standard bit, to ensure proper hole tolerance.
  • A hammer drill must be used to drill the hole with the carbide tipped bit.