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Quick Facts Strike Anchor

Quick Facts Strike Anchor

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Strike Anchor Unique Characteristics

  • The nut and washer of the strike anchor can be preset before installing the anchor in the concrete.  The position of the nut at the top of the threads will allow for a flush mounting;  the nut will be flush with the top of the anchor body.  The nut positioned at the bottom of the threads will create a stud mounting; the threaded portion of the anchor body will stick up above the nut.

Visual Inspection Enabled

  • Once the expansion pin is hammered down so that the head of the pin sits tight with the anchor body, the strike anchor is properly expanded.  The nut does not have to be torqued to specific torque values to ensure proper expansion.

Superior Aesthetics

  • The strike anchor allows for a chosen and consistent embedment based on the placement of the nut during installation. This will ensure that all anchors will have a uniform appearance after installation.  Aesthetics can be an important feature in applications where many anchors are visible at the same time.

Hole Depth

  • The strike anchor does not require the bottom of the hole for proper expansion and installation.  While a shallow hole will create installation problems, a deeper hole will not.  It is important that the hole is drilled as deep as possible to ensure proper and easy installation.

Hole Diameter

  • The diameter of the hole required to be drilled in the concrete is equal to the diameter of the strike anchor being installed.  A hammer drill using a carbide tipped bit that meets ANSI standards must be used to drill the hole.

Fixture Hole

  • The diameter of the hole in the fixture must be slightly larger if the strike anchor will be inserted through the hole in the fixture and into the concrete with the fixture in place.  The hole in the fixture can be the same diameter as the designated diameter of the strike anchor if the strike anchor is installed in the concrete with the fixture set in place over it.

Indoor Applications

  • The strike anchor is plated with yellow zinc dichromate plating . It is used in dry, indoor environments. 

Stainless Steel Strike Anchors

  • For outdoor wet environments, a stainless steel strike anchor is available that is packaged in bulk and special ordered.