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Simpson Strong-Tie’s Titen HD

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    • Simpson Strong-Tie’s Titen HD® are original, high-strength masonry screw anchors and are approved for use in cracked and uncracked concrete. The Titen HD® is available in carbon steel as well as in 316 stainless steel.

        • ICC-ES ESR-2716 report for cracked and uncracked concrete and code listed in accordance with ICC-ES AC193
        • For Masonry code listed in accordance with ICC-ES AC106 per ICC-ES ESR-1056 report
        • Qualifies for static and seismic loading applications
        • Special thread design undercuts the base material to transfer the load efficiently to the base material
        • Available in standard fractional sizes; hole size is anchor size
        • Tip of Titen HD® screw anchors are hardened with a specialized heat-treating process that provides better cutting of the base material without compromising the ductility
        • Standard ANSI standard bits are required for drilling the hole in the base material
        • Head of Titen HD® is available as hex with the washer attached to provide excellent bearing surface and a clean appearance
        • Can easily be removed for temporary type applications, but reusing the anchor is not recommended

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