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Single Expansion Anchor FAQ


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What is a single expansion anchor?

A single expansion anchors is a fastener meant for light to medium duty fastening in hard, dense base materials. It is an internally threaded, mounted anchor.

How does it anchor work?

These anchors work in conjunction with a machine-threaded bolt. These bolts are sold separately. The anchor is expanded as the bolt is inserted and turned clockwise.

When should I use one?

These are light duty to medium duty fasteners that can be installed in solid base materials. The bolt can be removed as necessary, but the fastener is permanent.

What materials are used?

The body of the anchor is made of a die cast zinc alloy called Zamac. The body is held together by one zinc plated carbon spring wire.

How many parts make up the anchor?

The anchor has two halves with a single expansion nut held together by a single zinc-coated spring wire.

What sizes are available?

Single expansion anchors are available in six different diameters: 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, and 3/4”.

What size of bolt is needed for this anchor?

This anchor requires a bolt of the same size. So a 1/2” anchor requires a 1/2” diameter bolt.

How strong are the anchors?

The holding values of anchors are dependent on the strength of the base material and the depth of embedment.

What are the differences between the single expansion anchor and the double expansion anchor?

The single expansion anchor has one expansion nut and is used in hard, dense base materials. The double expansion has two expansion nuts and is used in applications where the base material is soft or where the strength is suspect.

What type of screw should I use with the anchor?

The internal threads of the anchor are national coarse threads. Any type of bolt with national coarse threads can be inserted and will expand the anchor properly.

How deep should I drill the hole?

The minimum embedment for the anchor is equal to the length of the anchor being installed. This anchor should be installed at minimum embedment or deeper.

What base materials work with this fastener?

These anchors can be used in a variety of masonry material, such as concrete, solid brick, solid block, and mortar joints.

How do I install the single expansion anchor?

Insert the anchor into the correct diameter hole in the masonry with the expansion nut first. Move the fixture over the single expansion anchor. Insert the bolt through the fixture and into the anchor. Turn the head of the bolt clockwise until the anchor is set. For more detailed instructions please visit our Tips & Tricks page.

How close together can these anchors be installed?

Anchors must be spaced a minimum of 10 anchor diameters away from one another. So 1/2” anchors must be spaced a minimum of 5” apart from one another.

Are these anchors available in 316 stainless steel?

No, this anchor is not manufactured in 316 stainless steel.