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Strike Anchor FAQ

What is a strike anchor?

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A strike anchor is an impact expansion type anchor used to anchor an item to solid concrete. The anchor has a body made of carbon steel and a drive pin made of hardened steel.

When should I use a one?

These fasteners are used for light duty fastening in concrete only. They can’t be used in other masonry materials.

How does it work?

The anchor is set in the concrete by hammering the pin down the middle of the anchor.

What materials are used?

The anchor includes a body made of carbon steel and a drive pin made of hardened steel.

Why is the anchor yellow?

The anchor is plated with yellow dichromate zinc plating.

Is this anchor available in stainless steel?

No, it is not available in stainless steel. The anchor is only available in zinc plated carbon steel.

Why are these anchors not fully threaded?

The anchors are not fully threaded because the threads are not part of the setting process.

How do I install a strike anchor?

Installation is easy. Simply assemble the correct tools and materials, drill a hole, install the anchor, and finish it with a hammer. For detailed installation instructions, please visit our Tips & Tricks page.

Do I have to use an ANSI bit to drill the hole for my anchor?

Yes, an ANSI standard masonry bit needs to be used to drill the hole for the anchor in order to ensure proper hole tolerance to anchor diameter tolerance.

What size hole do I drill for the anchor?

The hole diameter for an anchor is the same as the diameter of the anchor that is being installed.

How strong is the anchor?

The strength of the anchor depends on many factors, such as the diameter anchor, the strength of the concrete, and the embedment depth.

Are the All-American Anchor and the strike anchor the same concrete anchor?

While both are impact-expansion type anchors, they are made by different companies and have some variance in their available diameters and lengths.

Is a strike anchor better than a wedge anchor?

The installer knows that the anchor is fully set in the concrete when the pin is fully seated into the top of the anchor.

Is this anchor removable?

No, it is not removable. The anchor is designed to go into the concrete and not come out.

Is the anchor available in a tamper-resistant version?

Yes. The anchor is available with a security head for both a round head or flat countersunk.

How far apart from each other should I install anchors?

These anchors need to be installed a minimum of ten anchor diameters from each other. The measurement is taken from center point to center point.

Can I use this anchor to install a ceiling fan?

No, you should not use this anchor to install a ceiling fan because the anchor is not recommended for overhead applications.

Can I use this anchor in a cinder block?

No, you cannot use this anchor in a cinder block. It is designed only for use in solid concrete and should not be used in any hollow types of base materials.

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