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Blue Tapcon® Hex Head

The Blue Hex Head Tapcon® is coated with a blue Climaseal coating to help protect the screw from rusting. The hex head provides an easy method for installation and a wide bearing surface against the surface of the item being attached.

Blue Hex Head Tapcon® is hexagonal in shape with a pre-attached washer that is slotted to allow the use of slotted screwdriver.

Application - the Blue Hex Head Tapcon® is used in applications in which the head of the fastener will sit on top of the surface of the material being fastened, such as a piece of metal fastened to concrete to hold a light fixture.

  • Additional Information
    • Diameter - two diameters are available:

      • 3/16" - requires a 1/4" nut driver
      • 1/4" - requires a 5/16" nut driver

      Length - the Blue Hex Head Tapcon® is measured from underneath the head

      • Both diameters come in a variety of lengths that meet most application requirements
      • The 3/16" Blue Hex Head Tapcon® is available in 7 lengths ranging from 1-1/4" to 4"
      • The 1/4" Blue Hex Head Tapcon® is available in 9 lengths from 1-1/4" to 6"

      Product List- complete listing of all the Blue Hex Head Tapcon® is available by clicking on the specific item and going to the individual product page that will provide all information about the specific size of Blue Hex Head Tapcon®

      Technical Specifications - provides information on how to determine anchor length required, anchor spacing requirements, holding values in different masonry materials, and bit and socket size required

      Installation - view a short video showing step-by-step instructions for installing the Blue Hex Head Tapcon® screw including written directions

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