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    • American Drop-In anchors are domestically manufactured in the United States and meet the requirements set up in the Buy America Act. Every American Drop-In anchor will be shipped with a certificate of compliance stating the anchors are manufactured in America using steel melted in America.

      • Zinc Plated American Drop-In
        • These anchors are zinc plated for indoor, dry use
      • 303 Stainless Steel
        • For use in wet, submerged in water applications

      American Drop-In anchors are designed for use in solid concrete. They should never be used in brick, block or any hollow type masonry materials.

      • Each diameter comes in only one length
      • Each anchor must be set in the concrete using a setting tool
      • Thread length of anchor equals about 1/2" length of the anchor
      • Threads are national coarse threads
      • Minimum embedment of the American Drop-In is equal to the anchor length


      The short video shows the step-by-step process of installing the American Drop-In anchor.

      For information showing how to install the American Drop-In anchor, click the link "TECHNICAL INFORMATION". Spacing and bolt length requirements are described along with requirements for minimum edge and spacing. Holding values, torque values, and bits sizes can be found on the page for installation of the American Drop-In anchor in 2000 psi concrete.

      Finding the American Drop-In Anchors

      Use the search box to find a specific size American Drop-In anchor, or click on the product list to scroll through the available sizes of American Drop-In anchor to select the one(s) that meets specific application requirements.

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