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Carbide SDS Bit

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    • The CONFAST® Carbide SDS Bit are used with the quick disconnect chuck that is a feature of many modern hammer drills.

      • The first number in the description refers to the diameter of the bit; the second number refers to the overall length.
      • The usable length of the CONFAST® Carbide SDS Bit is 2" less than the overall length and is equal to the flute length of the bit.
      • The diameter of the shank on the CONFAST® Carbide SDS Bit is approximately 3/8". All SDS bits are the same diameter and are interchangeable between different types of SDS hammer drills.
      • These types of CONFAST® Carbide SDS Bit are simply pushed into the spring-loaded chuck without tightening.
      • The CONFAST® Carbide SDS Bit is not held solidly in the chuck and is allowed to slide back and forth like a piston. This motion allows for a stronger hammer motion, increasing the drill speed with less downward pressure exerted by the operator.
      • The CONFAST® Carbide SDS Bit does not slip in the chuck as it is torqued due to the steel keys that match the chuck.

      Using the attribute filters on the page creates a convenient method to locate the correct diameter and length of CONFAST® Carbide SDS Bit.

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