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Carbide SDS Max Bit

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  • Additional Information
    • The CONFAST® Carbide SDS Max Bit is designed for use in large construction type hammer drills with a quick connect chuck.

      • The first number in the description refers to the diameter of the hole that the bit is designed to drill.
      • The second number refers to the length of the bit, measured from one end to the other.
      • The usable or drilling depth of the CONFAST® Carbide SDS Max Bit is 7" shorter than the overall length and is equal to the flute length.
      • Hammer drills utilizing the CONFAST® Carbide SDS Max Bit weigh over 12 lbs., have a rotation speed of 400 to 600 rpm and 3,000 to 4,000 blows per minute and are capable of drilling large holes up to 2" in diameter.
      • Construction companies that drill holes in concrete using a variety of large diameters are most likely to use hammer drills of the sizes that require the CONFAST® Carbide SDS Max Bit.

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