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The CONFAST® Sleeve Anchor is a versatile type of masonry fastener which is an excellent choice for use in solid concrete, brick and block base materials.

  • CONFAST® National brand
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  • Available in four different head configurations
  • Two types: zinc plated carbon steel and 304 stainless Steel
  • Packaged assembled and ready to install
  • Wide range of diameters: 1/4" to 3/4"
  • Additional Information
    • Product Information - CONFAST® Sleeve Anchor

      • Head Style
        • Hex Head– this refers to the hex (not on top of the CONFAST® Sleeve Anchor) that must be turned to expand the anchor; available in diameters from 5/16" to 3/4"
        • Acorn Head - the acorn head is an open acorn nut that provides a finished look. The anchor nut is not a closed acorn.
        • Flat Head - Countersunk flat head allows the CONFAST® Sleeve Anchor to sit flush with the surface of the item being attached. The 1/4" and 5/16" are available in a slotted head, and the 3/8" are available in a Phillips drive. The 3/8" diameter CONFAST® Sleeve Anchor are frequently used in fastening metal door frames to block or concrete.
        • Round Head - available only in the 1/4" diameter and in two lengths
      • Material Type
        • Zinc Plated - for installation in a dry indoor environment
          • All sizes and head configurations of CONFAST® Sleeve Anchor are available in zinc plating
        • 304 Stainless Steel - for installation outdoors in a moist or wet environment
          • Hex Head - all diameters and lengths are available
          • Acorn Head - both sizes are available
          • Flat Head - only the 3/8" x 5" is available
          • Round Head - neither size is manufactured in a 304 stainless steel

      Product List

      • Go to the PRODUCT LIST to find the CONFAST® Sleeve Anchor required. The list displays the sleeve anchors in order by diameter, length, head style and type of material. Click on the SKU# or description for the item to proceed to the individual product page.

      Technical Information

      • The technical information page contains information such as a selection chart, specific holding values as tested in 2000 PSI concrete, minimum length, spacing requirements, etc.


      • Written step-by-step instructions describing how to install the CONFAST® Sleeve Anchor
      • Short video showing all the steps necessary to install the CONFAST® Sleeve Anchor

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