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How to Tell the Best from the Rest

Published by Robert Carlisle on Jun 30th 2010

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When people have a need for concrete fasteners, Concrete Fasteners is an ideal source. We carry huge quantities of high quality, American made, ThunderStud brand wedge anchors and Tapcon brand concrete screws and a variety of other concrete anchors in our Cleveland, Ohio warehouse.

We ship all orders for concrete fasteners the same day they are received. All of our shipments are shipped from a single warehouse, unlike other suppliers that fill a single order from multiple facilities around the country. The advantage is--one order, one shipment, and one invoice.

The management of Concrete Fasteners has extensive experience in the manufacture, sales, and distribution of concrete fasteners. As a result, when calling Concrete Fasteners (anytime between 7 a.m. and 5p.m. EST, Monday through Friday), one does not reach a telephone operator, voice mail or a clerk. The contact here is always direct and with an experienced concrete fastener specialist. Thus you can quickly place and order and in the process obtain reliable advice, cross-reference part numbers, stock status, and prices. And you do not need to know part numbers. Just give us the description, and we will take care of the rest. We make ordering simple and easy.

Our management chose for our main wedge anchor line the ThunderStud brand wedge anchor because we consider these anchors to be superior in design and manufacture to all other wedge anchors on the market today. One superior feature of the ThunderStud line is this. The diameter of a ThunderStud wedge anchor is identical to its rated size, from one end to the other. Then is not true for some other brands of wedge anchors.

Take a 1/2” wedge anchor for example. Competing brands typically form a 1/2” wedge anchors from a 7/16” diameter stock. Thus, the only place where the diameter of such wedge anchors measures 1/2” is across the threads, the weakest part of the anchor. A 1/2” ThunderStud wedge anchor, on the other hand, is produced from 1/2” diameter stock. As a result, a ThunderStud anchor measures 1/2” across for the full length of the anchor---across the shank as well as the threads. Thus, the cross-section area of the 1/2” ThunderStud wedge anchor is a full 15% greater than the others and exhibits correspondingly greater shear strength. Moreover, Thunderstud wedge anchors are fabricated from 1215 steel, which is appreciably stronger than the 1018 steel used in some other wedge anchors. And Thunderstuds are fully machined, a technique that maintains steel mill core values with virtually little change.

Another safety advantage of the ThunderStud wedge anchors is that they are not full threaded, as are some wedge anchors. On a fully threaded anchor, the distance from the bottom end to the firs thread typically is less than the minimum embedment requirement for the anchor. Thus, with fully threaded anchors, a user can improperly install the anchor. That is, a user can actually employ it when it is not embedded to the specified minimum depth. Such an installation does not provide rated holding strength, a situation that cannot occur with ThunderStud wedge anchors.

Our other leading line is the Tapcon brand concrete screw. The management of Concrete Fasteners, chose the Tapcon brand because it is an American-made, top-quality line with a widely recognized and accepted name. And the line is a complete one, including stainless-steel screws, all necessary drill bits, and installation tool kits.

For more information, contact Concrete Fasteners.

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