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Concrete Screws at Home Depot

Published by Robert Carlisle on Dec 30th 2007

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Home Depot carries Tapcon® concrete screws for those customers who need several of the most common size, which are usually in stock. However, these customers will pay a premium price. The concrete screws are located in the aisle with the other fasteners such as nuts, bolts, and nails. For those willing to purchase online and for those needing more than several concrete screws, the exact same Tapcon® screws are available here for up to 50% less with a free bit included in each box of 100 screws.

Home Depot Tapcon® Concrete Screws

Home Depot carries the original American made Tapcon® brand concrete screw. They are packaged with installation information in 6, 25 or 75 piece packs, and stock the most popular sizes.


Customers shopping at the Home Depot who find the correct concrete screw for their project should buy them at Home Depot. But contractors or those planning a large job should go purchase Tapcons from Concretefasteners.com, where they will be shipped and delivered via UPS. A free bit is included in each box of 100 screws and the per piece price will be as much as 50% lower than the exact screw at Home Depot.

Variety of Concrete Screws

Home Depot is a retail store with limited space for stocking a large variety of products. Home Depot screws are no exception because the most popular diameter and lengths of the Tapcon® brand concrete screws are carried, but many of the sizes available are not stocked. When using a concrete screw, it is imperative that the correct diameter and length of screw is used and that a smaller, shorter or longer concrete screw is not used in its place. Using a smaller or shorter Tapcon® concrete screw may affect the holding value and a longer screw may not work at all. View a complete line of Tapcons to decide which size is best for your application.

Standard Tapcons

Only the standard blue Climaseal® Tapcon® concrete screws can be found in the aisles of Home Depot. Other Tapcons, such as stainless steel, large diameter and white Tapcons, are available for specialty applications but cannot be found for sale at Home Depot.

Technical Information

Concrete screws are a relatively obscure product for which most people with little knowledge of their application usage and installation. One Home Depot employee may have some background knowledge, but the chance of getting accurate advice and reliable information in Home Depot’s aisles while trying to choose a concrete screw is unlikely. Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc. has over 30 years knowledge. When it comes to concrete screws, there is not a question that can’t be answered. Check out this Tapcon® technical information to educate yourself about how Tapcons work.

Quantity Purchases

A homeowner may need several screws over a year’s time, but a contractor may require thousands for a single job in a week. Home Depot does not carry thousands, and, in many cases, will need to have them shipped in to be picked up at a later date. A contractor planning to buy a large quantity of concrete screws at the Home Depot is overspending. Although convenience is important, a bit of planning can save a contractor as much as 50% off what is being spent at Home Depot for the same product. Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc. stocks pallets of each size of the Tapcon® concrete screws in all diameters, all lengths, in stainless steel and the large diameter tapcon. Purchase Tapcons now!

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