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How to Install a Red Head Wedge Anchor

Published by Robert Carlisle on Nov 30th 2008

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Red Head anchors are the brand name of the concrete wedge anchors that are manufactured by ITW/Red Head. The Red Head wedge anchor is designed for use in solid concrete and should not be used in brick, block or other lightweight porous base material. The Red Head wedge anchor body is manufactured in four different materials- carbon steel that is zinc plated, hot-dipped galvanized carbon steel, 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel. These wedge anchors consist of a nut and washer, an expansion clip that is cylindrically shaped containing a ring with grooves for undercutting and an anchor body that is threaded with national coarse threads.

The exposed, threaded end of the Red Head anchor is stamped with a letter for length identification after the anchor has been placed in the concrete. This letter stamp makes post-installation inspections simple since the letter refers to the overall length of the anchor. Simply subtracting the length of the anchor protruding above the concrete will provide the inspector with information about the anchor's depth of embedment. The diameter of the anchor being used is the same as the diameter of the hole that must be drilled into the concrete. This eliminates the need for hole spotting if the hole in the fixture is large enough for the anchor to fit through. The clip allows for 360-degree contact with the concrete ensuring reliable working loads and full expansion of the anchor into the concrete. The full threads of the wedge anchor are standard and allow for a wide range of material thicknesses and embedment depths.

When installing a Red Head anchor, a hammer drill must be used with a carbide bit that meets ANSI standards B212.15-1994. The installation process for a Red Head can be completed in four simple steps. These steps are outlined below:

1. Drill a hole into the concrete using a hammer drill and carbide bit. Make sure the hole exceeds the desired embedment depth. Red Head wedge anchors have a minimum recommended depth of embedment that can be found on the manufacturers' charts for minimum embedment depths.

2. Clean out the hole of any debris created during drilling. You can use a wire brush, vacuum or compressed air or continue drilling additional depth to accommodate the debris.

3. Insert the washer and nut onto the body of the wedge anchor and make sure that the nut is flush with the threaded end of the wedge anchor- this will protect the threads. Using a hammer, drive the anchor through the fixture and into the hole in the concrete until the nut & washer contact the surface of the fixture.

4. With a wrench, expand the anchor by turning the nut clockwise 3-5 turns past the finger tight position or to the specified torque recommendations of the manufacturer.

Red Head wedge anchors are manufactured by ITW/Red Head and can only be used in solid concrete. These anchors can be used in a variety of applications and are also easy to inspect after installation. It is important that these wedge anchors be installed properly to ensure safe placement.

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