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How to Install Trubolt® Wedge Anchors

Published by Robert Carlisle on Dec 31st 2008

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Trubolt® is the brand name for the wedge anchor manufactured by ITW/Red Head and is commonly referred to as a Red Head or Red Head anchor. Various types of Red Head anchors have been manufactured since 1910 with a significant amount of brand recognition. The Trubolt® is manufactured from either zinc plated carbon steel, carbon steel that is hot-dipped galvanized, or 304 or 316 stainless steel. The Trubolt® wedge anchor comes packaged with the correct number and type of nut and washers and with a clip permanently mounted on the opposite end of the threads. The expansion clip is made from stainless steel and is grooved for undercutting purposes. The Trubolt® is a nonbottom bearing anchor which means that it does not need the bottom of the hole for expansion purposes. Therefore, it can be inserted into any hole drilled deeper than the length of the anchor being used. Trubolt® threads are national coarse threads that extend most of the length of the anchor body. These full threads allow for versatility and virtually eliminate problems with a subsurface obstruction such as rebar. The hole to be drilled in the base material needs to be the same diameter as the wedge anchor being used in the application.

Embedment verification is simple when using this anchor because the Trubolt® wedge anchor's exposed, threaded end is stamped with a letter allowing for inspection after installation for proper embedment depth. Hole size is critical and it is also important that the carbide bit used to drill the hole in the concrete meets ANSI standard B212.15-1994. The Trubolt® is tested to the criteria of ASTM E488 and the ICC-ES AC193 standards and are FM, UL listed.

Below are step by step instructions explaining how to properly install Trubolt® wedge anchors:

1. Using a hammer drill and the correct size carbide bit, drill a hole in the concrete deeper than the depth the wedge anchor will penetrate. The Trubolt® wedge anchor has minimum embedment requirements that can be found in the manufacturer's catalog.

2. Use a wire brush, vacuum or compressed air to clean out the hole.

3. Thread the nut onto the body of the wedge anchor until it is flush with the end of the anchor, which will help protect the threads during installation.

4. Insert the Trubolt® wedge anchor through the fixture and into the hole drilled in the concrete. Strike the end of the wedge anchor with a hammer until the nut and washer are tight against the surface of the fixture.

5. Using a wrench, turn the nut clockwise 3-5 past the finger tight position.

Trubolt® wedge anchors are available in numerous materials for use in a wide range of applications. It is important to properly install the anchor and also to make sure that the right size anchor is chosen. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when using a Trubolt® wedge anchor.

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