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Simpson Anchors - Mechanical Anchors

Published by Robert Carlisle on Sep 30th 2008

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Mechanical Anchors

Mechanical anchors by Simpson Strong-Tie, Inc. are sold under the name Simpson Strong-Tie Anchor Systems® and can be found at Simpson anchor systems offer a wide variety and assortment of mechanical anchors that range from light to heavy-duty fasteners for anchoring into concrete and masonry. The sale of mechanical anchors by Simpson Strong-Tie began approximately in 1997 when the business acquired anchor companies, such as Dual-Bolt, that manufactured wedge anchors, drop-in anchors and other types.

Wedge-All® Wedge Anchor

The Wedge-All® wedge anchor is a wedge style expansion anchor that is used in grout- filled masonry or solid concrete. Wedge-All® wedge anchors do not require the bottom of the hole for expansion. They are designed with a one-piece expansion clip that allows for consistent and increased holding values when tension is applied to the anchor. There are two styles of Wedge-All® wedge anchors: the threaded stud version and the tire wire anchor. The threaded stud version of the Wedge-All® wedge anchor is available in 8 diameters and in various lengths for different applications. Wedge-All® wedge anchors are manufactured from a zinc plated carbon steel, a mechanically galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel.

Sleeve-All® Sleeve Anchor

The Sleeve-All® anchor is the brand name for Simpson Anchor Systems’ sleeve anchor. Sleeve-All® sleeve anchors are available in a hex nut head, acorn nut head, flat Phillips drive head, round slotted and a rod coupler head. Each Sleeve-All® sleeve anchor is preassembled and is made with 4 individual parts: the threaded stud, expander sleeve, nut, and washer. Sleeve-All® sleeve anchors are versatile because they can be used in most solid type base materials such as concrete, brick or block.

Drop-In – Internally Threaded Expansion Shell Anchor

Drop-in anchors are designed as a flush mounting anchor for use in solid concrete and have internal threads and a preassembled expansion plug. Driving the expansion plug down the anchor body expands the drop-in anchor. Drop-in anchors sold by Strong-Tie Anchor Systems® are sold in four different styles.

Drop-In (DIA)

Drop-in anchors come in five different diameters and are designated by the internal threads. The threads on the standard drop-in anchors are national coarse threads. They are manufactured from zinc plated carbon steel and stainless steel.

Lipped Drop-In (DIAL)

The lipped drop-in anchor has a lip at the threaded end of the anchor that protrudes and allows the anchor to be set flush in the concrete, without a need for exact hole depths. The lipped drop-in anchor is available in five diameters and is sold in a zinc plated carbon steel and a stainless steel.

Short Drop-In (DIA37S)

The short drop-in anchor comes in only one diameter of 3/8” and is available in zinc plated carbon steel. The short drop-in anchor allows for shallow embedment and has a lip on the threaded end of the anchor similar to the lipped drop-in anchor. This allows for flush mounting in bottomless holes. It is primarily designed and used in prestressed concrete where embedment deeper than ¾” is not permissible.


Titen® is Simpson Strong-Tie’s brand name for their concrete screw. The Titen® screws are available in a 3/16” diameter and 1/4” diameter. Both diameters can be purchased with a hex washer head or a flat head Phillips countersunk head. The standard color of the Titen® concrete screw is blue, but can also be purchased in a white or silver color for special applications. The Titen® concrete screw is made from heat-treated carbon steel and is zinc plated with a ceramic coating baked on.

Titen® - Stainless Steel

Titen® concrete and masonry screws are used where corrosion is a concern. They are made from 410 stainless steel and are coated for excellent corrosion resistance. Titen® concrete and masonry screws can be used in concrete, brick or block and are acceptable for use with treated lumber. The stainless steel Titen® concrete screws are 1/4” diameter and with lengths from 1-1/4” to 4” with either a hex washer head or a flat head countersunk Phillips drive.

Titen HD ®

Titen HD® is a patented heavy-duty screw anchor designed for use in concrete and masonry. The Titen HD® is recommended for use in dry, interior non-corrosive environments or for temporary outdoor applications. Titen HD® has been tested per AC193 and performs well in both cracked and uncracked concrete. The design of the threads and the ratchet teeth under the head allows it to be used in vibratory and shock loading applications. The Titen HD® heavy-duty screw anchor comes with a hex washer head. It is available in diameters from 3/8” to 3/4”, and each diameter has various lengths.

Titen® HD Mini

The Titen® HD Mini are similar to the Titen HD® screw anchor but are designed for applications where smaller anchors are required. Titen® HD Mini are a non-expanding type of concrete fastener that has self-undercutting threads and are excellent for use when edge distance and spacing requirements are minimal.

Titen HD® Rod Coupler

The Titen HD® rod coupler is a threaded rod anchor for concrete and is designed to accept 3/8” and 1/2” threaded rod. The threads of the Titen HD® rod coupler concrete anchor are patented and are serrated to allow quick installation and excellent holding values. The Titen HD® rod coupler is used in conjunction with rod tie-down systems in single or multi-story building applications.

Titen HD® Rod Hanger

The Titen HD® rod hanger anchors are a non-expanding concrete anchor that cut threads into concrete and are primarily used for attaching threaded rods to concrete ceilings or beams. Titen HD® rod hanger anchors are used with 1/4”, 3 Titen HD® rod hanger anchors, and 3/8” and 1/2” threaded rod. They are well-suited for hanging pipes and fixtures in overhead applications. No special tools are required for installing the Titen HD® rod hanger anchors other than a hammer drill and an ANSI standard carbide bit.

Easy-Set Pin Drive Expansion Anchor (EZAC)

The Easy-Set pin drive expansion anchor is designed for medium to heavy-duty fastening into concrete and solid grout-filled block. Easy-Set expansion anchors are available in diameters from 1/4” to 3/4”. They are manufactured from a yellow zinc plated carbon steel that is hot rolled and the nail is made from hot-wrought carbon steel.

ESA Expansion Screw Anchor

ESA expansion screw anchor commonly called a machine screw anchor or AJ, and it is the original internally threaded expansion mechanical anchor. The ESA anchor’s cone is made from a die cast Zamac 3 alloy and the expander shield is made from 3% to 5% antimonial lead. The ESA expansion screw anchor is expanded with the use of a setting tool which differs according to diameter to ensure proper expansion.

LSES Lag Screw Expansion Shield

LSES stands for lag shield expansion shield and is made of a die-cast zinc alloy and is manufactured in 4 diameters of 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2”, with each diameter having either short or long lengths. The outer body of the LSES has radial ribs, giving the LSES excellent holding values in softer type base material. LSES are versatile in comparison to other concrete fasteners because they can be used in concrete, brick, block, mortar joints and other softer solid base material. Inserting a lag bolt or lag screw into it and turning clockwise will expand the LSES.

MSD/CSD/DSD Split Drive Anchors

Spilt drive anchors sold by Simpson Anchor Systems come in three head styles of mushroom head (MSD=mushroom split drive), countersunk (CSD =countersunk split drive) and duplex (DSD=duplex split drive). Split drive anchors are made from heat-treated carbon steel that is zinc plated. The working end of the split drive anchor is split and, once inserted into the base material, compresses and exerts pressure against the walls of the base material. The split drive anchor should only be used in interior, dry and non-corrosive environments.

SMSA/DMSA Machine Screw Anchors

The SMSA is a single machine screw anchor, and the DMSA is a double machine screw anchor. The SMSA has a single internal cone at one end that expands the anchor, and the DMSA has two cones on both ends of the anchor that expands the anchor. Both the SMSA and DMSA work well in concrete, brick or block base material. The DMSA gives more consistent and higher holding values in a questionable base material. Both machine screw anchors are manufactured in 4 diameters with one length for each diameter and they utilize internal national coarse threads.

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