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Ultracon Concrete Screws

Published by Robert Carlisle on Apr 25th 2012

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Ultracon is the brand name for a concrete screw manufactured by Elco.  Ultracon concrete screws mechanically link to masonry base material and are available in three diameters of 3/16”, 1/4”, and 5/16” and in lengths ranging from 1” to 6”.  The Ultracon concrete screws mechanically link to the masonry base material and are available in 3 diameters of 3/16”, 1/4” and 5/16 and in lengths ranging from 1” to 6”.  Ultracon concrete screws can be installed at a rate of 2 to 3 per minute when the installation tool is used.  Using the installation tool, precision-cut carbide drill bit, and the Ultracon concrete screw can assure maximum pullout strengths and consistent holding values.  The Ultracon concrete screw is used to fasten items such as electrical boxes, wood headers, and plywood, furring strips or wood windows to concrete, brick or block.  The Ultracon is equivalent to the tapcon.

Ultracon Length
The length of Ultracon concrete screw to use in any particular applications is determined by combining the thickness of the material to be fastened with the embedment depth of the Ultracon screw in the base material.  The minimum recommended embedment for the Ultracon is 1” and the maximum embedment is 1-3/4”.   

For example, a 2x4 being fastened to concrete with a minimum embedment of 1”  would require a minimum Ultracon length of 1-1/2”(thickness of 2x4) + 1” (minimum embedment) = 1-1/2”.  The Ultracon screw chosen would be the 2-3/4” because it is the closest length Ultracon that would meet the requirements.  The longest Ultracon screw to use for fastening a 2x4 to concrete would be 1-1/2” (thickness of 2x4) + 1-3/4” (maximum embedment) = 3-1/4”. The 3-1/4” Ultracon concrete screw would be the best choice for such an application.

Ultracon Diameter
The diameter of Ultracon concrete screw is chosen based on the holding values required for any particular application and the hole size in the material being fastened.  The Ultracon comes in three diameters of 3/16”, 1/4” and 5/16” and each diameter’s holding values is based on the type of base material and the depth of embedment into the base material.

Depth of Hole
The depth of the hole in the base material should be a minimum of 1/4” deeper that the Ultracon screw will penetrate.  The hole needs to be drilled deeper to allow space for the dust to fall into that is created during the tapping of the threads into the base material.  It is important that normal safety precautions be observed when drilling holes to avoid electrical wires and rebar.

Hole Diameter
The Ultracon concrete screws require a hole to be drilled into the base material before the screw is inserted.  The hole size is critical and must match the tolerances required for the Ultracon screw to obtain its proper holding values.  The 3/16” Ultracon requires a 5/32” bit and the 1/4” Ultracon requires a 3/16” bit. The bit must meet ANSI standards and have a carbide tip.  The hole that is drilled for an Ultracon concrete screw must be drilled using a hammer drill set in the hammer and rotation mode.

Ultracon Head Styles
The Ultracon concrete screws come in six different head styles to meet most applications requirements:

  • Slotted Hex Washer Head – Provides a wide bearing surface and strong secure driving connection; the slot allows for easy adjustment and removal with a slotted screw.
  • Hex Flange Head – The larger 5/8” washer diameter gives much large bearing surface than the standard slotted hex washer head.
  • Hex Head with Oversized Washer - This type of head is only available in the 5/16’ diameter Ultracon and has a head measuring between .530 and .540.
  • Phillips Flat Head – Flat countersunk with a Phillips drive, the 3/16” uses a #2 Phillips and the 1/4” uses a #3 Phillips drive.
  • TrimFit® Flat Head – The outside diameter of the head is .415 nominal and is used in applications where clearance is a problem.
  • TrimFit® Hex Head – Available in the 5/16” diameter Ultracon and allows for the large fastener to be used with the smaller head.

Ultracon Identification
The Ultracon concrete screw has markings on the head of each screw that identify it as an Ultracon brand concrete screw.  Both the flat and hex head have the Elco logo stamped onto the surface of the head of the screw.  The TrimFit® Ultracon screws have a dot stamped onto the head opposite the logo.  One dot means that it is a 1/4” flat head TrimFit® and two dots show that it is a 5/16” TrimFit®.

Ultracon Installation

  1. Using a hammer drill in the hammer and rotation mode, drill a hole in the base material using the correct diameter ANSI standard carbide bit for the diameter of Ultracon concrete screw being installed.
  2. Drill the hole in the base material to a depth at least 1/4” deeper than the ultracon concrete screw will penetrate.
  3.  Clean out the hole of all dust and debris.
  4. Using a rotation drill, wrench or screwdriver, drive the Ultracon screw through the fixture and into the base material by turning clockwise until the head of the Ultracon screw is tight against the surface of the material being fastened.

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