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Wedge Anchor Suppliers

Published by Robert Carlisle on Mar 5th 2011

Purchase Wedge Anchors

Wedge anchor can be purchased at the local hardware store, big box stores, farm implementation retail outlets, fastener houses, construction supply or online.  While each location that sells wedge anchors has it's own features and beenefits, buying them online. Although local suppliers may have the concrete fasteners required for a job, the costs will be higher than if purchased online.
Purchasing wedge anchors from Concrete Fasteners, located in Cleveland, Ohio, has numerous advantages unless the wedge anchor is needed the same day of purchase. Depending on the shipping address of the order, it will take from 1 to 4 days to receive wedge anchors bought online.

Advantages of shopping online at

All diameters of wedge anchors are in stock:
- which ensures that the proper diameter of wedge anchor will be used in any given application               
- which also ensures that proper holding requirements are met

All lengths of wedge anchors are in stock
- the proper length of wedge anchor used in any application is critical; substituting a length may not meet requirements of the application.

Complete line of wedge anchors
- wedge anchors come in zinc plated carbon steel hot-dipped galvanized  carbon steel 303 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel to ensure that the proper rust resistant wedge anchor is used

40 years of technical knowledge
- all application questions can be answered for the proper wedge selection of anchor

Big Box Store
The big box stores are convenient because there are many locations around the country that carry a variety of products from different manufacturers.  The products are usually stocked in racking systems all the way to the ceiling. When a wedge anchor must be used on the same day, these stores may offer the best opportunity for buying a wedge anchor.

Advantages/disadvantages of shopping at big box stores:

  • Wedge anchors in diameters of 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4” are stocked, which are the most popular diameter, but the correct diameter needed may not be available for any specific application
  • Only certain lengths for each diameter are available; the proper length for any particular application may not be available
  • Zinc plated wedge anchors and hot-dipped galvanized wedge anchors are the only type of wedge anchors available at the store and hot-dipped galvanized is sold in a limited number of diameters and lengths
  • Knowledge of wedge anchors is given by the store employees, who may not have specific knowledge about wedge anchors and their use

Fastener Houses
A fastener house is a business that specializes in fasteners.  There are many of these types of businesses across the United States.  Most fastener houses carry large inventories and offer a wide variety of different types of fasteners which range from mini screws to large structural bolts.

Advantages/disadvantages of shopping at fastener houses:

  • Most diameters of wedge anchors are in stock
  • Usually, small quantities are available, and companies will break boxes to allow the purchase of individual pieces as needed
  • Most common lengths of wedge anchors are usually stocked for each diameter and are sold by the piece or the box
  • Mostly zinc plated wedge anchors are available; some hot-dipped galvanized and stainless steel are in stock, depending on the customer base served

Knowledge of wedge anchors depends on the customer base of each particular location

Local Hardware
Some small local hardware stores have a wide variety of wedge anchors stocked in certain diameters and lengths that meet specific customer needs.  Most of the time the wedge anchors are found in the fastener aisle with several small bins set aside for wedge anchors.

Advantages/disadvantages of shopping at local hardware stores:

  • Wedge anchors are available in some of the smaller diameters and often up to 1/2”
  • One or two lengths for each of the diameter of wedge anchors carried are usually all that can be found since only the most popular lengths are stocked
  • Zinc plated wedge anchors are the main product found; perhaps there are several sizes of the hot-dipped galvanized for use with pressure treated lumber
  • Some local hardware personnel has knowledge of the proper use of wedge anchors, but this may be dependent upon the store’s selection of wedge anchors

Purchase Wedge Anchors