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  • Feb 4th 2019

    Lead Anchors

    PURCHASE ANCHORS Lead anchors were traditionally manufactured from lead. Due to environmental issues, lead anchors are now typically manufactured from Zamac, a rust resistant material that is easily…

    Published by Mike C Pistorino

  • Jan 30th 2018

    ITW Red Head Trubolt+ Anchor

    Purchase Redhead Anchors History ITW, the abbreviation for Illinois Tool Works, is a very large multi-billion dollar corporation operating in 50 countries with over 800 businesses. Red Head is one…

    Published by Mike C Pistorino

  • Jun 6th 2013

    Installing Red Head Multi-Set RM Drop-In Anchor

    Purchase Drop In Anchors Multi-Set is the brand name for ITW/ Red Head’s drop-in anchor that is designed for use in concrete.  The multi-set drop-in RM drop-in anchor is a shell type ancho…

    Published by Mike C Pistorino