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MKT Anchors

The Sup-r-Stud is manufactured in a wide range of sizes, materials and plating. Available materials are carbon steel zinc plated, carbon steel mechanically galvanized glass 65, grade 5 yellow di-chromated, and 303, 304 and 316 stainless steel. There are three different types of Sup-r-Stud: the "V", TZ and TZ SS, Sup-r-Stud +. Each group of anchors provides different selections of diameter and length as well as code requirements and material types
  • Additional Information
    • MKT Sup-R-Stud® anchors are designed to be installed in solid concrete and should never be used in brick or block material. Hole size is critical because oversized holes will reduce load performance and should not be used where vibratory loads are high.

      • Required hole diameter equals anchor diameter
      • Excellent for immediate setting
      • Can be loaded immediately
      • Can be set in bottomless hole
      • Simple installation
      • Nut and washer are supplied in package
      • ROHS compliant, except for Grade 5
      • Meets GSA Spec FF-S-325C, Group II, Type 4, Class 1
      • Available Materials
        • Carbon steel, zinc plated
        • Carbon steel, mechanically galvanized Class 65
        • Grade 5, yellow di-chromated
        • 303/304 Stainless Steel
        • 316 Stainless Steel
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