Name Brand Equivalent Anchors and Fasteners

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Need to cross reference a brand name? The chart below lists the brand names along with our generic label for the equivalent product. Click on any of the links to get specific information for that particular anchor.








  Tapcon® ITW Buildex Redhead Hilti Elco Powers
Concrete Screws Tapcon® Tapcon® Tapcon® Kwik-con Ultracon Tapper
Wedge Anchor     Trubolt Kwik Bolt   Power Stud
Sleeve Anchor     Dynabolt HLC Sleeve   Lok Bolt
Strike Anchor            
Drop-in Anchor     Multi-Set  HDI   Steel Drop-in
Machine Screw Anchor            Calk-in
Lag Shield Anchor            Lag Shield
Single Expansion Anchor           Single
Double Expansion Anchor            Double
Leadwood Screw Anchor            
Split Drive Anchor       Split Bolt   Drive
Hammer Drive Anchor      Hammerset Metal Hit   Zamac Nail-in
Nylon Nail-it        HPS-1 Impact   Nylon Nail-in
Hurricane Insert Anchor         PanelMate