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  • Additional Information
    • The Tapcon® Installation Kit is designed to allow the same drill to be used for two operations of installing the Tapcon® screw:

      • Operation #1
        • Drilling a hole into the masonry base material is necessary. A hammer drill must be used and be set to the hammer and rotation mode.
        • The Tapcon® Installation Kit has an adaptor that fits into the chuck (one that uses a chuck key) of the hammer drill and holds the Tapcon® bit in place.
        • The Tapcon® bit is held in place by tightening a set screw tight against the flat part of the specifically designed shank of the Tapcon® bit
      • Operation #2
        • After drilling the hole, slide the sleeve part of the Tapcon® Installation Kit over the top of the bit, which will be held in place by compression.
        • Turn the hammer drill from the hammer and rotation mode to rotation only
        • Insert the correct driver on the end of the sleeve
        • The Tapcon® screw is ready to be driven

      Contents of the Tapcon® Installation Kit:

      • Adaptor
      • Sleeve
      • Allen wrench
      • 1/4" nut driver
      • 5/16" nut driver
      • #2 bit tip
      • #3 bit tip
      • Nut drive holder

      Bits are not included in the Tapcon® Installation Kit. However, the convenient plastic holder provides space to carry different sizes of Tapcon® bits.

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