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Tapcon Installation Kit 1000, Each



CONFAST® - Tapcon® Installation Kit 1000

The CONFAST® installation kits for Tapcon® and CONFAST® masonry screws are industrial grade. They are stocked for immediate, complete shipment the same day that the order is received. Unlike the retail installation kits, these CONFAST® brand installation kits for Tapcon® concrete screws offer superior quality because they are all steel.

  • Used for installing the Tapcon® masonry screw
  • Allows one drill motor to be used for both operations
  • Drill Adaptor
  • Driver sleeve
  • #2 and #3 bit tip
  • 1/4" hex drive and 5/16" hex driver
  • Hex key
  • SDS bit can be used
  • Made from all steel and are without any plastic parts
  • Contractor quality
  • Extra bit storage