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Concrete Anchors, Tapcon, Bits, American Made Anchors

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  • Additional Information
    • The category of fasteners labeled as "concrete fasteners" describes fasteners that are used to fasten items to concrete, brick, and block. All of the fasteners sold by Concrete Fasteners, Inc. are designed for placement in the concrete after it has hardened. None of the fasteners are the type that can be cast in place.

      The anchors sold on this site are divided into these four categories:

      - Concrete Fasteners, which are all the masonry fasteners that carry the CONFAST® Logo

      - Tapcon® brand masonry screws

      - Bits that are designed for drilling holes in the concrete for concrete fasteners

      - American Made, which are all the concrete fasteners manufactured in the United States

      The following list contains all of the anchors that are stocked and sold by Concrete Fasteners, Inc. Each item is a link to the specific product page that will provide detailed information. Each product page offers specific anchor information, product specifications, applications videos, installation instructions with the corresponding video, and application photos.

      On the left side of this page is a user-friendly product filter that will help to narrow choices based on different attributes. Each of the filters allows for fast and easy selection to give the best results for the requirements listed. When in need of a specific diameter, length, material, environment or type, simply click on the arrow and make a choice. Filtering by categories or by the manufacturer is also an option.

      Concrete Fasteners

      These fasteners are manufactured and sold under the CONFAST® brand and are all expansion anchors.  All the anchors that carry the CONFAST® name are of the highest quality, are in stock and are shipped the same day the order is received. All orders over $25.00 qualify for free freight.

      • Wedge Anchors -solid concrete
      • Sleeve Anchors - concrete, brick or block
      • Drop-In Anchors - solid concrete
      • Hammer Drive Anchors - masonry brick, block or concrete
      • Split Drive Anchors - solid concrete
      • Strike Anchors -solid concrete
      • Machine Screw Anchors - masonry block, brick, and concrete
      • Lag Shield Anchor - concrete, block, and brick
      • Single Expansion Anchors - concrete, block or brick
      • Double Expansion Anchors - brick, concrete or block
      • Nylon Nail-it - solid concrete, hollow block, filled block or brick
      • Leadwood Screw Anchors - hollow block, brick, filled block or solid concrete

      The concrete or masonry screws are called the CONFAST® screws and are packaged 100 pieces per box and with the proper bit inside the box. The CONFAST® screws come in two head styles and two diameters.

      • Hex - for applications where the head will sit on top of the surface of the item being attached
      • Flat - for wood applications where the head is required to sit flush with the surface
      • 3/16" diameter - the required hole size or drill bit size is 5/32"
      • 1/4" diameter - the required bit size or hole size is 3/16"


      The Tapcon® category includes all the items manufactured by ITW under the brand name Tapcon® and sold through Concrete Fasteners, Inc. Every diameter, length, and type are stocked and shipped from one central warehouse in Cleveland, Ohio. The products listed under Tapcon® include;

      • Blue - the standard blue Climaseal® coated masonry fasteners
      • Stainless - manufactured from 410 stainless steel and are magnetic and coated with a silver Climaseal®
      • Large Diameter Tapcon - include sizes from 3/8" to 3/4" diameter
      • Bits - fit into the installation tool for the 3/16" and 1/4" Tapcon® that have a flat shank to allow a set screw to hold the bit in place
      • Installation Kit - allows one drill to be used for both the drilling of the hole and the place of the Tapcon® in the base material


      The bits for drilling holes in concrete to set concrete fasteners must be drilled using a hammer drill that is set in the hammer and rotation mode using a carbide tipped bit. The carbide tipped bits are manufactured to allow for maximum dust removal allowing for fast drilling speeds. The process of drilling into concrete is to first pulverize the material via the hammering motion and then remove the dust that is created via the flute. The drilling speed is directly related how fast the dust is removed from the hole and the force delivered through the hammering motion.

      American Made

      The line of American made concrete anchors is domestically manufactured. Verification can be provided with each order if requested. The wedge anchor comes with nuts and washers; however, the nuts and washers are not American made.

      Below is a listing of our complete line of American made concrete anchors.


      • Zinc Plated - indoor dry applications
      • 304 Stainless Steel - wet outdoor applications
      • 316 Stainless Steel - submerged caustic applications

      Wedge Anchors

      • Zinc Plated - indoor dry applications
      • Galvanized - moist outdoor applications
      • 304 Stainless Steel - wet outdoor applications
      • 316 Stainless Steel - submerged caustic applications

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