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CONFAST® Concrete Anchors

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  • Additional Information
    • The CONFAST® brand of masonry anchors/fasteners are divided into two categories of expansion anchors and concrete screws.

      • Expansion anchors are masonry fasteners that use expansion to create the friction that provides the holding values. These anchors come in a variety of types. Every type delivers the features and benefits that correspond to specific applications.
      • Concrete screws are threaded fasteners that tap threads into a predrilled hole in masonry materials, such as concrete, brick or block. They are available in two diameters and head styles. They are manufactured in a variety of lengths to meet most application requirements.


      • There is not one single "best" anchor. The right choice of anchor relies on the specific application requirements. As an example, the wedge anchor provides the most consistent holding values in solid concrete but requires the anchor to be set by turning the nut. Once set, the stud sticks above the surface of the material being fastened. The drop-in anchor provides similar holding values to the wedge anchor, but it is set in the concrete using a setting tool and sits flush with the surface of the concrete. The drop-in anchor requires a bolt to be used, which is not provided with the anchor.
      • All expansion anchors and concrete screw are required to be installed into the base material to a minimum embedment depth. The depth is dependent on the diameter of fastener/anchor being used for the particular application.
      • All concrete screws come with a maximum thread length of 1-3/4". This is the safest maximum length because the concrete screw should never be embedded into the concrete deeper than 1-3/4".
      • The minimum length of anchor should be determined by adding the minimum depth of embedment to the thickness of the material being fastened. Then add any space for a nut and washer, if required.
      • For all male type concrete fastener/anchors, the required hole size is equal to the diameter of the anchor being installed. For female type anchors, the outside diameter of the anchor is equal to the hole or the bit diameter.
      • The environment into which the anchor will be placed will determine the requirements for the coating or material:
        • Dry, indoor - Zinc plated
        • Moist, outdoor - Hot-Dipped Galvanized or 410 Stainless Steel
        • Wet, outdoor - 304 Stainless Steel
        • Submerged/chemicals - 316 Stainless Steel

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