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    • Designed for use in solid concrete, the CONFAST® Split Drive Anchor is a pre-expanded masonry fastener that, once installed, is tamper resistant.

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      Product Information - CONFAST® Split Drive Anchor

      • Zinc plated for dry indoor use
      • Two head styles: flat countersunk and round
      • Head is tamper resistant
      • Not for use in vibratory loads
      • Part number
        • Part number starts with an "SD", for "Split Drive"
        • The third letter is either an "F" for "flat" or "R" for "round"
        • First two numbers signify the diameter and the remaining numbers refer to the length

      Head Style

      • Flat Countersunk - for attaching wood to concrete; allows the head of the CONFAST® Split Drive Anchor to sit flush with the surface of the wood.
      • Round - head protrudes above the surface being fastened; provides a large bearing surface and a clean, finished look.

      Technical Information

      • Holding values for both pull-out and shear in 2000 PSI concrete
      • Spacing requirements
      • Directions to calculate length of the required CONFAST® Split Drive Anchor


      Watch the short video and view the safe installation process for the CONFAST® Split Drive Anchor into concrete, or follow the written instructions provided.

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