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CONFAST® Hex Head Concrete Screw

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  • Additional Information
    • The CONFAST® Hex Head Concrete Screw is designed for use in most masonry base materials such as solid concrete, brick or block.

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      Product Information - CONFAST® Hex Head Concrete Screw

      • For use in dry, indoor environments
      • Two diameters: 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch
      • Hole Size
        • 3/16" requires a 5/32" hole
        • 1/4" requires a 3/16" hole
        • Hole must be drilled using a hammer drill that is set in the hammer and rotation mode
      • CONFAST® Hex Head Concrete Screws are measured from underneath the head
      • Embedment
        • 1" minimum embedment
        • 1/4" maximum embedment
      • Hex Head has a slotted washer head
      • Driver Size
        • 3/16" needs a 1/4" hex driver
        • 1/4" needs a 5/16" hex driver

      Individual Product Pages - Each diameter and length of CONFAST® Hex Head Concrete Screw has an individual product page that contains all the information available for that specific product. The individual product pages contains the following information:

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      • Customer reviews
      • Size of bit requirement descriptions for the CONFAST® Hex Head Concrete Screw
      • Minimum embedment depth information for each length of screw
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      • Procedures and policies for returns and questions
      • Pricing per box
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      • Manufacturer
      • Overview of the product
      • Individual product specifications
      • Individual product technical information
      • Application videos
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      • List of alternative products
      • Bit that corresponds to the anchor selected

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