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    • The CONFAST® concrete screw is a high-quality masonry screw that is designed to tap threads into a predrilled hole in the base material. Drilling a hole that is the correct diameter is extremely important to ensure that correct holding values are achieved. Every box of the CONFAST® concrete screws are packaged with the correct diameter and length bit to ensure proper match tolerance. Additional bits can be purchased depending on various factors that determine bit life:

      • Hardness of the base material
      • Abrasiveness of the base material
      • Quality of hammer drill being used
      • Aggregate used in the concrete
      • Pressure applied while drilling the hole
      • Operator technique
      • Wobble of bit in the chuck
      • Depth of hole

      Hex Headed CONFAST® Concrete Screws - hex washer head slotted

      • 3/16" requires the use of a 1/4" hex driver
      • 1/4" requires the use of a 5/16" hex driver

      Flat Headed CONFAST® Concrete Screws - phillips countersunk

      • 3/16" uses a #2 phillips bit
      • 1/4" uses a #3 phillips bit


      • Designed and coated for indoor, dry applications
      • Hex headed used for applications in which the head of the screw will be on top of the surface of the material being fastened (i.e., electrical junction box, thermostat, conduit clip)
      • Flat-headed are used in applications in which the head of the screw cannot protrude above the surface of the material being fastened (i.e., a 2x4 fastened to concrete, a stud to a brick wall where paneling will be placed onto the stud)
      • Considered a light duty fastener since the largest diameter is 1/4"
      • Minimum distance into the base material to obtain minimum holding values is 1"


      All diameters and lengths of CONFAST® concrete screws are fully stocked so that every order can be immediately shipped. Orders can be expected in 1 to 2 days after the order has been placed. All online orders over $25.00 qualify for free freight.

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