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Carbide Bit

Order now and receive free freight! CONFAST® Carbide bits are in stock for immediate shipping.

  • Additional Information
    • The CONFAST® Carbide bits are designed for drilling holes in masonry materials and used in a hammer drill. The bits have carbide tips that break up the masonry material through the hammering motion of the hammer drill. The rotation pulls the pulverized material out of the hole due to the design of the carbide tip and the flute.

      Bit Life

      • How long does a bit last? How many holes can be drilled with one bit? These are very common questions without a definitive answer. The correct answer will depend on these factors:
        • Hardness of the masonry and type of aggregate used in concrete
        • Abrasiveness of the masonry
        • The depth of hole - the deeper the hole, then the fewer holes. For example, a bit that is used to drill a hole 3" deep will drill approximately twice the number of holes than a 6" hole.
        • Type, brand, and size of hammer drill used
        • Operator technique

      Types of CONFAST® Carbide bits

      • Hammer bit - used in the chuck that requires a chuck key. It usually has a 3/8" or 1/2" chuck, with a hammering motion at a fast 30,000 bpm, and with rotation at about 1000 rpm. They are commonly called screamers due to the high-pitched sound produced while drilling.
      • SDS - refers to spline drive system and utilizes a keyless chuck. Pull back on the chuck collar and slip the shank into the drill, release the collar and turn the bit until it snaps into place. These drills have motors that weigh 6 lbs. and hammer at about 600 bpm. The diameter of the bit is about 3/8".
      • SDS Max - is the basic same style as the SDS, but larger in diameter at about 3/4" for use in much larger hammer drills. These drills weigh from 12 to 16 lbs. and have a hard hammering motion. They are primarily used to drill larger holes, such as 1/2", 5/8" and larger.
      • Spline - for use in spline chuck hammer drills. These bits range in diameter from 3/8" to 2" and provide a very strong hammering motion with a positive strong rotation.
      • Tapcon Bits - these bits are specially designed for use with the tapcon installation kit. The shank has a flat end, allowing it to be held in the drill adaptor with a set screw

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