CONFAST® Wedge Anchors

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CONFAST® Wedge Anchors are designed to be used in solid concrete. They should never be used in porous, hollow materials, such as brick or CMU block. The CONFAST® Wedge Anchors are manufactured from different types of materials and coatings for installation in a range of environments. The wide choice of diameters available allow the CONFAST® Wedge Anchor to be used in applications varying from light to heavy duty. The Wedge Anchor has the most consistent holding values in solid concrete than all other types of expansion anchors. The expansion clip that is permanently attached to the CONFAST® Wedge Anchor is made from the same grade of material as the anchor body, with the exception of the galvanized, which has a 304 stainless steel clip.


Four different types of CONFAST® Wedge Anchors to choose from:

  • Zinc Plated Carbon Steel - for indoor applications where moisture is not present
  • Galvanized Carbon Steel - used in outdoor applications where moisture is present
  • 304 Stainless Steel - designed for wet/submerged outdoor applications
  • 316 Stainless Steel - primarily used in applications where certain chemicals may be present
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