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Blue Tapcon® Flat Head

Each Blue Flat Head Tapcon® is coated with a blue Climaseal coating that provides rust resistance. The flat head creates a perfect head style when countersinking is required.

Blue Flat Head Tapcon® is countersunk for easy penetration of wood, and is driven using a phillips drive.

Applications - the Blue Flat Head Tapcon® is used for fastening items to masonry that require the head of the fastener to sit flush with the surface of the item being attached, such as a furring strip that drywall will be attached.

  • Additional Information
    • Diameters available:

      • 3/16" diameter uses a #2 phillips bit tip
      • 1/4" diameter uses a #3 bit tip

      Length - the Blue Flat Head Tapcon® is measured as an overall length including the head included

      Wide variety of lengths from which to select:

      • The 3/16" and 1/4 are available in lengths up to 4"
      • The 1/4" is available in lengths of 5" and 6"

      Product List - when the part number or size is known, go to the product list and scroll down until the item is located. Clink on the blue link, and go to the product page, which will have all pertinent information about an item, including product specs, installation, videos and application photos.

      Technical Specification - click on this link to locate holding values or other technical information about the Blue Flat Head Tapcon®

      Installation - Read written instructions as well as view a short video to learn how to easily install the Blue Flat Head Tapcon®

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