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Blue Tapcon® Anchors


Blue Tapcon®, the nationally bestselling masonry screw, are a standard blue screw which are manufactured by ITW. The blue Climaseal® coating provides extra protection against rust and provides a durable finish that allows for an easy installation. For further information, go to:

  • Product List - provides a complete listing and an easy-to-use filter of all the blue Tapcon® available. Filter by diameter, length, environment and type to narrow down the choices.
  • Technical Information - provides the holding values, product specification, anchor length, anchor spacing and other considerations. For more specific information, click on the individual product link.
  • Installation - provides a step-by-step listing as well as a video showing the correct way to install the Tapcon® masonry screw.

The Blue Tapcon® is manufactured with two head styles: the hex slotted washer head and the flat head.

  • Hex Head - provides an excellent bearing surface to the item being fastened. The head sits above the surface of the item and is easy to install by using a hex nut driver or slotted screwdriver.
  • Flat Head - ideal for attaching wood to masonry or other items that require the head of the fasteners to sit flush with the surface of the item being attached.
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