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CONFAST® #10-12 Plastic Conical Blue Bantam Anchor Kit PAK1012, Includes (100) Anchors, (100) Screws and (1) Drill bit (201 Pieces)



  • Great for many light-duty uses - Install doorbells, curtain rods, pictures, light mirrors, photo frames, lights in drywall, plaster board, gypsum board, brick wall, concrete wall or wood wall
  • Easy to Install - use included bit to drill hole, insert the anchor, and place the item against the wall over the anchor, then drive the screw through the hole in to the anchor
  • Designed to prevent problems during installation - ribs prevent anchor from spinning in the hole while tightening the screw
  • Plastic Anchor material protects against rust and corrosion
  • Contains ( 1 ) drill bit, ( 100 ) #10-#12 plastic, ribbed anchors, ( 100 ) #10 Phillips head screws

The bantam plastic anchor is intended for light duty, non-critical applications. It can be used with a variety of foundation materials, including concrete, block, and brick. Although it is possible to use in wallboard, the holding values may vary and be unpredictable depending on the application. These anchors should not be used in overhead applications or in situations where holding values are crucial.
Kit includes:
(100) #10-12 anchors
(100) #10 x 1" Screws
(1) 1/4" carbide drill bit

Installation Instructions:
Using the provided drill bit, make a hole in the base to a depth of at least 1/4" deeper than the required embedment.
Clean the hole of dust and other material, blowing away as much as possible.
Tap the anchor into the hole so it is flush with the base material surface.
Position the fixture and insert the screw through the fixture to the top of the anchor and tighten.
Check that the screw thread fully catches the anchor body and that the anchor does not spin.

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